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Contact us to set up a meeting time. We will speak for about an hour to talk about your experience and your career highlights so I can create a personal and dynamic resume. No templates to fill out, just tell me about you and I will take care of the rest. Not local? No problem, we can do this over the phone!

We will send you a full resume in Microsoft Word or PDF. You'll also receive a complementary cover letter that you can send with confidence.

Let us know if you need any revisions to your resume. Then get ready for your job search!!!


  • Norm Cohn prepared my resume and I am totally satisfied with it. I thought my original resume was a good one, but when I sent it out for job openings that l thought were a match, I never heard back . Norm showed me a dozen different ways to make my resume better. Mostly what I wrote was pretty boring, and it probably looked just like everyone else's resume. There was nothing in it that showed I was the best at my job. That's Norm's specialty. He asked me lots of solid questions about not only what I did, but what makes me special. There is so much new information in my resume that I would not have thought to add. There's also a lot of information on my resume that doesn't belong there, like anything not related to the job I want. I guess what he really did was to focus me on writing a resume specifically focused on the job I'm looking for. I also really appreciated not having any forms to fill out like the cheap online places have. I came in, I talked with him and answered all his questions, and he took it from there. I highly recommend Norm for resume writing. He did a great job.
    Rita Byerson
    Rita B
  • Solid resume writer. Norm gets straight to the point and makes sure that the information that goes in the resume is what's going to get me the job. He focused in on the job requirements and probed for all the work I had done that made me a match for the opening I wanted. Then after each job he asked what I did that would make a hiring manager call me over anyone else. When we were done we came up with accomplishments that I wouldn't have remembered without his questions. Great resume, sharp looking resume format.
    Nancy Donnelly
    Nancy D
  • Although I've written several resumes for myself, I am starting a totally new career. I felt I needed someone who could apply a lot of polish, because I definitely need to get ahead of the pack and get noticed. I want to thank Career Finders Resume Service for not only doing a total rewrite of what I thought a resume should be, but they also provided substantial job coaching. I know it can only help.
    Richard M
  • Career Finders Resume Service created for me a resume that exceeded all my expectations. Norm has been really helpful to me, and I was impressed with his dedication to the clients' needs. I would recommend them to anyone; it is a company you can trust!
    Sarah K
  • I would like to thank Norm at Career Finders, Inc for creating two outstanding resumes tailored specifically for me. He is the first resume writer I have ever met with who has taken the time to sit down with me and ask questions, provide encouragement, and job coaching. He pointed out qualities and accomplishments of mine that I hadn't thought of, which look great on my resume! Norm seemed genuinely interested in my success both times I met with him, he was polite, personable, and very professional. I highly recommend Norm at Career Finders to anyone looking for quality and professional resume services.
    Roberto G

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