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From the President

I'm Norman Cohn, President of Career Finders.

I've spent most of my career helping people succeed in their search for a rewarding career. I founded Career Finders twenty years ago as a recruiting firm. As a recruiter, if the resumes I prepared for my candidates didn't result in an interview - or, for that matter, a job offer - I didn't make a penny. As you can imagine, I quickly learned how to write resumes that got hiring manager's attention.

I see the resume as being a sales presentation highlighting the value you bring to the company. I'll ask you lots of questions about what you've done and what you'd like to do. If you have your ideal job description, we'll review it in detail to ensure that you are the best qualified candidate. When we're done, I'll give you a resume that's well written, comprehensive, and credible.

Resume writing has always been at the core of our business. As a recruiter, I realized that we could only be successful when the resumes we wrote led to interviews and job offers. Today, our ability to write powerful and effective resumes remains the foundation of our success. Resumes That Get Results is not just our logo - it's what we do, and have done, for the past twenty years.

Along the way, we've worked with thousands of job seekers and hundreds of hiring managers in all areas from accountants to zoologists, including retail, sales/marketing, healthcare, IT, construction, finance, administration, line/project managers, self employed, military transition, and more, and we bring that experience to every resume we write today.

Call or email Career Finders today and let us put our experience to work for you. We look forward to assisting you in your search for a rewarding career.


Norman Cohn


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